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Virtual Fundraising

Here is some info about fundraising in this different school year per the VAPTA Back to Basics Guidelines 2020-2021.

All PTA fundraising should support PTA’s mission, in both how the funds are raised and how they are spent. The first question to consider when planning PTA fundraising is, “Why are we raising these funds?”

Every PTA activity, including fundraising, should be focused on our mission: to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

This means:

  • All funds generated by a PTA, including the local portion of dues, should be budgeted for purposes that advance PTA work, such as enhancing student success or improving the school.

  • Fundraising activities themselves should be conducted in alignment with the PTA mission.

Please see a non-inclusive list below of ideas and vendors that you might want to reach out to during this different school year.  More ideas will be listed here as they become available.

 Papa John’s offers many different fundraising opportunities. Click the download button to view a flyer containing a list of Papa John’s fundraisers.  Download  Contact Christine Pasterczyk via email at



Mad Science offers a wide variety of offerings both in school and virtually. Please contact Jen Marcus via email at or (757) 502-8124 for this opportunity as well as in school opportunities. And check out this video:  or



Bayport Credit Union Holiday Lights at the Beach  – This program will be offered virtually in 2020! PTAs have the opportunity to sell reduced priced tickets virtually this year!! This is a consignment ticket fundraiser that sells tickets to the drive through holiday lights event in Virginia Beach.


Looking for an easy virtual fundraiser?  Check out the new and improved Box Tops mobile app!  No more clipping, just share the info with your school parents & partners.  Click here for more info.

Middle and High School – “Screenagers Movie” showing with school counselor or psychologist as a Zoom offering or possible outdoor showing depending on health metrics.

Literature Night Story Time – possibly choose a book series or theme to entice families to dress up and actively participate. For example, choose a Harry Potter house (virtual), families dress up in their favorite house costumes, then they can pay to participate or off as a free service in the event.

Virtual Yoga Night – pay per class or offer as a service to families at no charge.

Science night  – Organize a creative science event night virtually using science teachers in your building. Students and their families can dress up and logging into call could be for a small fee or free as a service to families.

Virtual Pumpkin Carving Night or Contest – Advertise to families that the students need to obtain a pumpkin and carve it or paint it. Get students to sign pledges that can be donated to your unit. The. Virtually sign into a call to have their carved pumpkin displayed for either judging or showing.  You could even have different categories to have multiple winners!

Virtual Running Event Couch to 5K post “Sweaty Selfies”!! Get families active!! Get students to collect pledges that can be donated to your unit.

Jason’s Deli

Krispy Kreme

Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit

Mooyah Cashola

YNot Pizza (Cashola)

Panera (Cashola)

Ocean Apparel – Local Spirit wear Vendor who has worked with schools and PTAs for over 20 years. Contact John Jones – or

Raise Craze Fundraising through Kindness

Read A Thon

Chuck E Cheese – Contact local location for details.

Chili’s (Cashola) – Contact local location for details.

Tropical Smoothie (Cashola) contact local location to inquire regarding details. Event can be personalized to your school.

Charlestown Wrap

Virtual Room Parent Ideas for older students – book clubs, study sessions, Kahoot trivia fun, movie using (see below)

Virtual Room Parent Ideas for both older & younger students – spirit wear days, dress up days, special art project events (bag up all art supplies needed), virtual lunch together

Netflix Party  Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat function.

Drive-in Movie Night

Virtual options to pursue if these are not already being done in your school:

  • Box tops For Education (App (Android and iPhone) that can allow for the Boxtops to be scanned)
  • Kroger
  • Harris Teeter
  • Target
  • Amazon Smile (a percentage of sales sent back to your PTA)

20 Virtual Fundraiser ideas

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding planning and execution.

Good luck with your planning!!