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Principles of American Citizenship

The Virginia Beach Council of PTAs presents the Principles of American Citizenship Award Program for 2017-2018:


1) SELECTION: Each school should submit one nomination per month for consideration.  The PTA President and the Principal should decide on the selection process at their school. If your school does not participate in the PAC program, please submit one winner per month, based on your school’s citizenship program.   Although only one nomination per month may be forwarded, recognition of ALL nominated students is encouraged at the school level (i.e. certificate at a PTA meeting, name published in the PTA and/or school newsletter, etc.).  All schools are encouraged to participate monthly.  A minimum of three timely nominations per year are required to meet the criteria for the Exemplary Award.  Nominations must be emailed by the deadlines below.


2) NOMINATION FORM: The Nomination Form has been created to keep on file and should be reproduced as needed for each month’s submission. No other form will be accepted. Additional sheets may be attached to the Nomination Form if necessary.


3) WRITE-UP: The nomination write-up should support the student’s qualifications, particularly with regard to the character trait for the month, whether using the Council program or a site based program.  Be sure to cite specific examples.  Please include the student’s accomplishments and why he/she is deserving of the award.


4) DEADLINES: Please PONY your Student Nomination Form by the deadline each month to Glenda Campbell @ Rosemont Elementary School. The submission deadlines are as follows:


October 3
(September – Responsibility)
November 7
(October – Diligence)
December 5
(November – Respect)
January 9
(December – Kindness)
February 6
(January – Fairness)
March 5
(February – Honesty)
April 9
(March – Cooperation)
May 7
(April – Self Control)
May 30
(May – Trustworthiness)


5) WINNERS: One elementary, middle, and high school winner will be chosen each month from the nominations received. Winning schools will be contacted by phone and/or by email. Winners’ names will appear on the VB Council website and/or newsletter. Arrangements will be made with each school to deliver awards for presentation at a convenient date and time.


6) CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have questions, please contact VB Council PAC Chairperson,  Glenda Campbell .  All nominations must be sent via PONY mail @ Rosemont Elementary School.



Responsibility: being accountable for one’s behavior

Diligence: completing work with care and steady effort

Respect: showing honor and high regard for a person or thing

Kindness: being sympathetic, caring, and considerate of others

Fairness: displaying impartiality and granting equal treatment

Honesty: exhibiting truthfulness and sincerity

Cooperation: working together for the good of a common purpose

Self-control: keeping one’s own emotions, desires, and actions restrained

Trustworthiness: earning a sense of reliability and confidence from others